S0116 Sprachkurs English Conversation A2

This English Conversation Course gives you pleasure and fun in speaking English. Expand your vocabulary and get to know the English-speaking cultures.  Improve your English communication skills with your English teacher and you will soon become a professional.
You train with a native-speaking teacher. 

This conversation course A2 focuses on:
  • >Discussions on various topics
    (with Videos, newspaper articles, cultural topics)
  • Role plays (different conversation situations)
  • Vocabulary expansion
  • Tips for self-assured appearance in English-speaking countries

Learning objectives

  • Become fluent, competent and be able to speak freely
  • Give spontaneous responses in discussions
  • Being able to express opinions and thoughts clearly
  • Learn about cultural backgrounds from the English-speaking world
  • Your individual wishes and interests

Information: Sie können Ihr Englischlevel mit unseren Einstufungs-Sprachtests unter www.die-vhs.de ermitteln.

Leitung: Akmal Songaryar

10 Abende, 24.01.2019 - 04.04.2019
Donnerstag, 19:00 - 20:30 Uhr
10 Termin(e)
vhs im Alten Kindergarten, Martin-Reinhard-Straße 37, 97631 Bad Königshofen, Kursraum Erdgeschoss, links
zzgl. ca. 2 € für Kopien 
  1. Programm

  2. Dozenten gesucht

    Für folgende Sprachen suchen wir Dozentinnen und Dozenten:
    American-English (A1-B1, Conversation B1-C1)
    British-English (A1-B1, Conversation B1-C1)
    Italienisch (A1-B1, Conversation B1-C1)
    Spanisch (A1-B1, Conversation B1-C1)
    Französisch (A1-B1, Conversation B1-C1)

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